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What We Do

We are storytellers who use visual images, natural sound, interviews, and writing to creatively connect the elements of your message to give it meaning and significance.

Career-raised in an incredible award-winning environment, “Caring Faith” is still the mantra under which we work.  Fair, Accurate, Informative, Thorough and Human are the benchmarks of each story submitted for your approval, whether it be a television segment, documentary, educational video, instructional video, or any other video by which your message is digitally distributed.  If, together, we find the people and unveil their passions, we are likely to find the divine purpose for your project.  We will make a way to tell your story, while also making a way to deliver your product cost efficiently and effectively.

Research, videography, logging, writing, editing, narration, and consulting are all part of the package.



Tennessee’s Wild Side is a magazine-style television series featuring great destinations in outdoor environments.


A winning tradition of producing television documentaries related to social conflicts, historical events, and significant issues.


Development to completion, scripts, on-location photography, on-site talent, narration, editing, and post-production.

What others are saying…

“I'm a fan of the work of RockWater TV. Their commitment to quality, research and good storytelling is reflected in every program they produce. We're proud to offer our audience RockWater TV programs on Nashville Public Television.”

Kevin Crane, President and CEO Nashville Public Television

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